Heart of the City

mark tatulli, book, Heart of the City

Heart is a precocious girl whose adorably energetic presence attracts everyone around her. She loves dressing up, playing with her Karlie and Ben dolls, and dreaming of the day she can finally get her ears pierced. Her best friend, Kat, shares her pal's hopes and dreams-and believes she'll someday marry Leonardo DiCaprio.

Heart's mom, an overworked and underappreciated single mother, showers her girl with love, but resolutely resists Heart's attempts to find her a man. Mrs. Angelini rounds out the cast as the matriarch who takes care of Heart while Mom's at work.This first Heart of the City book collects strips from the cartoon's first successful year, a debut that attracted legions of loyal fans.

Created by Mark Tatulli, Heart of the City has a gentle presence, exemplifying the sweet and sassy realities of modern, urban child-rearing.

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